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Serra Club of Northern Kentucky
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The year was 1934; the place was Seattle, Washington, and four Catholic friends had an idea. They decided to meet regularly over a meal to discuss how their Christian values could be lived out in their professional lives. Soon more friends were joining them, and within several months they had decided on an additional focus: the encouraging of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. They chose Padre Junipero Serra, the noted Spanish missionary, as patron.

This small group has grown into Serra International. Serrans today are still dedicated to spiritual growth, continuing Catholic adult education, warm fellowship, and the encouragement of Church vocations.

Serra clubs are a great idea, and they have become a tradition of commitment.

Serra International chartered its first Serra club in 1935 in Seattle, Washington. Then, as now, the two great needs for the church were for informed Catholic lay leaders who understand and live their own Christian vocations to service, and for dedicated priests and religious.

In 1951, Serra International became aggregated to the Sacred Council for Catholic Education and the Pontifical Work for Priestly Vocations.

In 1986, Serra International voted to welcome women as well as men to membership in the organization.

Today, there are more than 800 Serra clubs in 37 countries with a total membership of more than 19,000 men, women and permanent deacons. Each Serra club is a member of both a national council and Serra International. Serra International, which has an office located in Chicago, links Serra clubs around the world.

Serra Club For Vocations, Northern Kentucky
Past Presidents
1961 H. Maxfield 1987 Jack Green
1962 J. Knochelmann 1988 William Miller
1963 J. Von Lehman 1989 Joseph Willett
1964 E. Lange 1990 Tim Mauntel
1965 Robert Noll 1991 Martin A. Haas
1966 Paul Hemmer 1992 Gary Hampton
1967 P. Klingenberg 1993 Joe Langenderfer
1968 W. Rinehart 1994 David Noll
1969 Lee Mando 1995 Kenneth Sanker
1970 R. Lemker 1996 Thomas Kennedy
1971 J. Gronotte 1997 Paul R. Markgraf
1972 R. Muehlenkamp 1998 Joseph Willett
1973 R. Goessling 1999 Ken Sanker
1974 H. Humpert 2000 Gerald Thelen
1975 L. Joseph Willett 2001 Gerald Thelen
1976 Gerald Thelen 2002 Mark Krahe
1977 Robert Manning 2003 Ann Knox
1978 Gerhard Wenstrup 2004 Hudson Henry
1979 Robert Hofacre 2005 Hudson Henry
1980 Joseph Von Lehman 2006 Bob Parsons
1981 John W. Dunn 2007 Bob Parsons
1982 William J. Miller 2008 Mark Guilfoyle
1983 John C. LaVelle 2009 Jim Rasmussen
1984 James A. Nolan 2010 James Suetholz
1985 Ken Gross 2011 James Suetholz
1986 Lee Mando 2012 Steve Brunson

Blessed Junipero Serra
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